In addition to our own assets, this slider uses assets of NatureManufacture, Forst, Texture Heaven, AllSky and Banjo.


The behavior of NPCs is essential to how a game is experienced. Making an NPC move and react in the desired way is therefore an important part of the development process. A few words about this regarding our robots.

The mech-like robots that Lonely World produces are fully rigged, meaning they have a bone structure. They are also provided with animations for the basic movements. Those basic moves are: ‘Idle’, ‘Walk’, ‘Walk Backward’ and per robot, three ‘Death Animations’ if they take a fatal hit. In addition, there may be animations of specific moving parts, such as rotating saw blades or rotating optics. These animations can be easily combined and adjusted in Unity to bring the robots to life.

Due to the existing bone structure, additional animations, such as following the player or aiming the barrels at a specific target, can be added in Unity. This game engine offers very good possibilities for this. However, this requires a sufficient knowledge of scripting and how the ‘Animator’ in Unity works.